The Biography of 

Dr. Jee Sook Cha


Dr. Jee Sook Cha is a Korean born concert pianist with a style of musicianship which mixes both passion and technicality. As a Korean Baptist, Dr. Cha is an expert interpreter of the Christian Hymn. Her love for God is evident in her personal and professional commitment to the Korean New Community Baptist Church of Houston, TX, where has been serving as Director of Music for 7 years. She also conducts lessons of all music branches from Ear-Training and Sight-Singing to music theory at Texas Southern University, where she has performed many recitals since 2003. Dr. Cha holds the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Piano Performance from the University of California in Los Angeles and has been the recipient of numerous performance awards including the Outstanding Performance Citation from the President of Korea and full scholarship awards for study at The University of California and University of Texas. After years of performing in master classes and concert performances both in the United States and abroad, Dr. Cha maintains her designation as a magnificent performer, educator, and wife to Dr. Dong Ho Nam, mother to her two daughters, Xena 19, Mina 16, and to her son Rayleigh, who is 10 years old. 

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