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Our Sacred Mission

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"As I studied the vocal instrument, I was amazed by its beauty and the effect it has on the singer as well as the listener. The Global Christian hymn and the Concerted Spiritual speak to my life's mission; to bring hope to the world through the celebration of The Almighty God."

-Dr. Shana Mashego


Dr. Shana Mashego & The Sacred Ensemble

Our Orgin Story

In 2014, Dr. Shana Mashego founded Dr. Shana Mashego & The Sacred Ensemble, a collective of culturally diverse, classically trained, resident musicians dedicated to the performance and preservation of the global Christian hymn. The current work of the ensemble includes The Hymn Project, a seven-volume hymn preservation project that includes globally recognized hymns set for Soprano and various orchestrations including, but not limited to, settings for Soprano and String Quartet, Piano Quintet, Wind Instruments, and Organ. The concept of this project was joyfully accepted by Dr. Mashego's friends of many years who serve the group as residents in various capacities including Mr. Christopher Hanson, First Violinist, and Composer, Dr. Jee Sook Cha, Pianist, Mr. Luis Aponte' Gonzalez, Second Violinist, Mr. Frederick McBride, Violist, and Mr. Kareem Goode, Cellist. Together the ensemble enjoys numerous concert performances and have recorded and preserved three volumes of hymns in an effort to complete the seven-volume set included in The Hymn Project.

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